Open Stage

The open stage is an opportunity for Gothla UK 2019 attendees to perform in a club-style environment among peers. It is a low-pressure, high-fun atmosphere where we come with an open mind to see people’s own interpretations of what Gothic Bellydance is.

The Open Stage is for bellydancers attending Gothla UK ONLY. Please do not send your form unless you have booked your workshops.

Please also note that all attendees, including performers, are required to buy tickets for the show

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF FORMS IS: TBC. Any forms sent after this day will not be eligible. There will be no exceptions.

Rules summary

  • You or your group’s performance shall be placed on a running order determined by the Gothla UK team
  • Your performance must be no longer than 4 minutes in length (this is due to the amount of submissions we receive)
  • Please send the MP3 of your track by email to
  • Please ensure that you also bring a playable hard-copy (ie: ONE .mp3 track on a CD-R) on the night of the open stage in case of any emergencies. Gothla UK cannot be responsible for CDs that do not play. PLEASE ensure you test your music before you turn up. If your music doesn't work, there will be no restart. Check your music.
  • Please make sure that your CD is clearly marked with your Stage/Group name and the name of your track and its time length.
  • You can perform ONE solo piece or ONE group piece. Unfortunately, we can no longer offer both.
  • The floor that you will be dancing on is a rock club dance floor – please be aware that it is even, but not perfectly clean (and a tad sticky, although Redeemer assure us they will do their upmost to make sure it is as clean as possible) and we advise you to take precautions when dancing – please wear footwear on this floor – be this ballet pumps, flats, heels or big stompy goth boots etc.

Please download and complete the form linked below and return it to Rhiannon at: .
Running orders and other information will be issued by Sunday 10th June on the Gothla UK Facebook Group.

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