Valenteena Ianni

Fusion bellydancer and international teacher from Rome, Italy, Valenteena Ianni is well known in Italy & Europe for her stimulating & precise way of teaching, and also her emotional performances.

Director and main choreographer of ‘Armonica Dance Company’, founded in 2012, Valenteena performs alone or with her Company all over the main fusion bellydance world stages.
Studying with the American master teachers and founders of this style (Rachel Brice and Zoe Jakes between all), Valenteena is also a Level 2 certified Hot Pot ITS teacher (UNMATA Style).

In 2015 she developed a format called .:: KILLER Dancer’s PATH™ ::. regarding Valenteena's Fusion Bellydance methodology, now taught in Italy and all around Europe. The certification program has been available in online format since May 2020.

Director of Karma Experiment (Non-Professional Fusion Bellydance Company) from 2016 which now gathers dancers from all over Europe, Valenteena presented in May 2018 the first edition of "The Fifth Dimension", a Karma Experiment Show which involved more than 30 dancers coming from every part of Italy. She's currently working on the third edition scheduled in 2022 with an international crew of 50 dancers.


Morgana is an internationally-recognized Tribal Fusion and Dark Fusion dancer, choreographer, and instructor.

In recent years she has complemented her knowledge of dance with Fine Art photography and video editing. She has had a higher degree in sound post-production for 20 years, as a branch of her engineering studies.

Her work is very prolific and varied. It is highlighted by her choreographic compositions inspired by stories and characters from films and videogames, her collection of animal-inspired steps, which have resulted from her research on animal mimicry, and especially, her fusion of tribal dance with weapons (daggers, saber, sword and wooden Jo) and martial arts, in which Morgana is a worldwide pioneer. A dark aesthetic predominates in her work, addressed from multiple angles: from Chinese and Japanese culture to Science Fiction and the Victorian Era.

At the educational level, she has developed the MEW (Morgan East & West) format, a six-level dance program that combines the general basics of oriental dance, Tribal ATS and Tribal Fusion with her own repertoire of steps, and is complemented by professional specialization courses. This format is taught through regular classes in Madrid at Morgan East & West Dance and Performing Arts Center and in various European locations such Italy and the United Kingdom, as well as through thematic workshops around the world.

In addition, she is the creator of “Magicae et Motus, Dancing the Futhark” format, with 24 choreographies designed to activate each of the 24 runes of Norse culture.

Morgana is also the founder of Excalibur Dance Company, a dance and stage-fighting company with almost 30 years of experience in Europe, and the organizer of the Spanish edition of the international alternative dance festival Gothla Spain.

Ida & Maxx

Ida and Maxx are goth fusion style performers and instructors from Germany. They understand dance as a non-verbal, universally understandable language in which aesthetic and cultural-historical impulses from all over the world flow together. Their artistic focus lies in the awakening of characters, storytelling and the mediation of truthful emotions. Their stage creations are heavily influenced by life, visual arts, cultures, concepts, literature, theatre, movies and their deep love to wide spectrum of dark music.
In their workshops, Ida & Maxx devote significant attention to imparting background knowledge far off clichés. They seek to reveal and enhance the individual skills of every single dancer, no matter if advanced or newbie.x

Web: http://www.ida-mahin.de


Nikki fell in love with bellydance in the late 90's after going to her 1st class in Sheffield & spent a good few years doing many different classes & styles trying to find 'her' bellydance
It wasn't until she went to her first Gothla that it all clicked into place...
She finally found it!! Gothic/Tribal fusion is where her little black heart is!!
currently studying Morgana's MEWTF format which is epic & Black Sheep
It wasn't really her ambition but by a happy accident she found herself teaching & she absolutely loves it..


Fuchsia is an Expressive Fusion Dancer and member of the Stygian Collective. She fuses the expressive principles and theories in various dance styles, including Butoh, Contemporary, Fusion Belly Dance and Somatic Movement, to explore authentic, embodied storytelling. Fuchsia is drawn to complex emotions and storytelling in her performances, especially those 'darker' emotions we tend to shy away from.

She believes everyone has their own unique expression and movement, and loves giving dancers the tools to develop and progress in their own individual dances. She is known for her friendly and adaptable style, providing a safe space to experiment and explore our dance.

Robyn & Sophia

Robyn & Sophia are part of the crew behind Gothla UK and have been dancing fusion and group improv together for eight years.

Robyn is the director of BlackPeacock and is passionate about enabling dancers to unlock their own creativity and expression. Robyn teaches monthly fusion workshops exploring different themes related to movement theories and practices. Her performance project Pavonix is known for showcasing pieces with intense emotional thematics that pull the viewer into the lived experiences of the dancers they are choreographed for.

Sophia is a core member of both BlackPeacock and Pavonix. With a martial-arts background and an interest in military history, it was a natural progression for her to focus on dancing with swords. She attended her first belly dance sword workshop in 2017, and studied various sword formats with dance teachers around the world during lockdown. Sophia fuses elements of what she’s learnt together to express herself more authentically in her dance, and enjoys sharing ideas and techniques with other sword performers.

Robyn and Sophia are excited to join forces, combining their passions to bring Gothla’s Darklings this showback workshop and takeaway toolkit for future fun with swords!

Carina Le'Mer

In the last 20 years Carina Le´Mer was a musician, playing as a multi-instrumentalist with her folk-rock-band Tir Nan Og and made three albums with them. She rocked many stages at festivals, not only as a musician, but also as a firedancer and artist. The last two years changed everything, so she quit making music and fell completely in love with dancing. Meanwhile, Carina has become a principal dancer in Ida Mahin's dancing academy tanz kunst werk and a member of Ida's ensemble Ereshkigal. The most fun on stage she has with props and their creative range. In her choreographies, her key aspects are playing with different moods, uncovering emotions, and bringing imageries to life.

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