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Sharon Kihara

Known the world over as one of the pioneering forces in the field of Tribal Fusion belly dance, Sharon Kihara is regarded as one of the most seasoned and well-traveled artists in the genre, and is known for her avante-garde artistic sensibility that defies replication. She is both a dance and yoga therapy teacher, 200 RYT certified by Yoga Alliance.

Sharon began her training at three, beginning the way most dancers begin, at the ballet barre. Jazz, Tap and Congolese would follow soon after, and by the age of ten, Sharon stumbled upon a treasure- a belly dance performance featuring the world renowned dancers Aziza and Yemaya, and it was indeed life changing. Belly dance became a life obsession, and at age 13, Sharon began performing. Later she pursued degrees in choreography and kinesiology in tandem with holistic medicine, and performed regularly with her college repertory contemporary dance company.

Sharon’s education in belly dance has been eclectic, beginning with the legendary Zamara, grand-niece of Ruth St Denis, in Oregon in 1994; later in San Francisco with Frederique David and Jill Parker as a member of Ultra Gypsy, one of the foremost innovating companies in the earliest days of Tribal Fusion. Later Sharon studied immersively with Suhaila Salimpour as a certified dancer and member of the Salimpour school.

In late 2003, at the behest of friend Rachel Brice, Sharon was scouted to perform with the pioneering dance company Bellydance Superstars, created by music mogul and svengali Miles Copeland. Sharon spent over five years on tour as Tribal director, soloist, and choreographer. After leaving the tour to pursue new dreams, she was recruited by Jillina to dance as a principal and choreographer in the unique and critically acclaimed new touring production, Bellydance Evolution. Sharon is in the rare position of being the only Tribal dancer to have been featured as Principal dancer in two of the world’s most distinct international touring belly dance companies.

So far, Sharon has performed for countless audiences worldwide and has taught tens of thousands of students in 74 countries. She has appeared on numerous television shows and music videos, and has been featured in radio and media worldwide, as well as several Bellydance Superstars and Bellydance Evolution DVDs.

In 2009 Sharon moved to Berlin, Germany, and created the first comprehensive Tribal cross-training program in Germany, focusing on Tribal Fusion belly dance, folkloric Oriental styles, Classical Ballet, Ankoku Butoh, and Yoga.

Sharon is happily residing in beautiful Portland, Oregon where she has recently created the Catharsis Dance Project, a world dance practice and performance group. When not creating in the studio, or traveling the world, Sharon designs fine jewelry and enjoys being a Dogmom to Hippo and Banana.

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Princess Farhana

Internationally acclaimed Princess Farhana has performed, taught and written about Oriental Dance and Burlesque since 1990. She's appeared in Egypt, Turkey, Australia and China, and has toured several times across Europe and The United Kingdom, and throughout North America, including Alaska and Hawaii.
An artistic chameleon, she performs many styles of dance, from traditional to contemporary. Trained in Egyptian style by Zahra Zuhair and Raqia Hassan among others, The Princess is known for dramatically recreating vintage styles of Oriental Dance from the Edwardian Era, the 1920's, and The Egyptian Golden Age. She is the author of The Belly Dance Handbook: A Companion For The Serious Dancer and the memoir Showgirl Confidential: My Life Onstage, Backstage And On The Road.

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Morgana was born in Madrid (Spain)
Degree in Digital Sound Post-Production. Dancer and Choreographer since 1994.
Co-founder of Excalibur Dance Co. and Director of Nieblas de Avalon Dance School and Morgan East & West studio and International Formation.
At 7 years old, began practicing karate (Shotokan and Shito Ryu), and in the 2003, fencing and wu-shu at Serrato Superior School (sabre and sword techniques).
She initiated her modern and contemporary dance training in 1991, taking modern and contemporary dance, jazz, hip-hop and funk classes. That same year, she won the silver medal in the modern dance 'soloist' category at the Dance Competition of Madrid (Spain). In 1999 she joined the dance company of choreographer Angélica Solana, director of the Spanish Aerobic and Funk Federation, participating in and placing 4th in the world funk competition.
In 1993, she continued studying jazz technique with Eva Sanz and Begoña Jiménez at Karen Taft Dance Center, where she would perfect her skills over the next 4 years. It was also this year when she co-founded Excalibur Dance Co., for which she currently serves as choreographer and director, nowadays leading several artists.
In 1998, she began her studies in Middle Eastern dance. Her first teacher was Fathy Andrawis (choreographer of the Egyptian National Ballet) who taught her Egyptian and folkloric styles. She also studied props such as cane, veil, and Isis wings. In 1999, she was initiated into American tribal style, and using this as a technical base, she specialized in tribal fusion and gothic style.
Currently, she is developing her own personal style, in which she combines Middle Eastern dance technique with the technique of modern dance, the discipline of martial arts, the expression of mimic and theatre, and an aesthetic influence ranging from Chinese and Japanese culture to science fiction, comics and videogames to the Victorian Era and steampunk culture.
Morgana has complemented her dance studies with a variety of courses, most importantly: ballet with Tatiana Stepanova, tap-dancing with Barry Burges, tango with Leo and Eugenia and Julio and Veronique, gypsy dances, Indian fusion (in Germany), baratha nathyam with Daniela Riva, percussion with Mark Bell of Helm (USA), Afro-Cuban dance with Amaury Reinoso, and expression and interpretation at Orfeo School.
In 1993, she began teaching jazz and funk, and in 2001 Middle Eastern dance classes, finally opening her own school, "Nieblas de Avalon," in 2006, from 2013 "Morgan East & West". It is the pioneer school in tribal fusion and dark style in Spain, and is also the first school in the country offering 5 levels of Tribal Fusion plus 4 complementary levels and 2 professional courses as "Teacher's Training" and "Choreographer's Training"
She is the director of the gothic and dark fusion festival GOTHLA Spain in Madrid since 2010.

Morgana has participated as a professional performer in some important festivals as the Solace Live Tour 2007 (Madrid and Barcelona) and at the festivals: GOTHLA UK in Leicester (since 2008 to 2017); TribaGoth 2009 in Gothenburg (Sweden); GOTHLA Italia in Milan (since 2010 to 2017); TRIBAL UMRAH 2010 in Nimes (France); Danse Macabre Festival in Montreal (2011); GOTHLA BRASIL in Rio (2012); TRIBAL FESTX in Lisboa (2013) and Lumen Obscura in San José, California (2013)...
From 2006 to the present, she has been a dancer and instructor at tribal fusion and gothic style workshops and seminars throughout Spain (more than 25 cities…); Europe (Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Holand, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Switzerland and Serbia); Brasil, Canada and USA. Having nowadays offers to perform and teach in Russia, Corea, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and again USA.
Studio page (Spain):


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Ida Mahin

Ida Mahin put her first pair of ballet shoes on when she was 6 years old. Since then, life without dance has been unthinkable in her sight. Preferring to think out of the box, she studied and studies diverse genres. Aesthetic and historico-cultural consideration of dances from diverse world regions brings fusions to light that see dance as nonverbal language.
Ida's choreographies' artistic focus lies in the awakening of characters, storytelling and the mediation of truthful emotions. Both solo and with her dance companies, she brings cyber medusas, Asian warriors, undead swans and sometimes even singing foxes to life on stage. In addition, she currently contributed to US DVD production "Visions - A Night of Dark & Theatrical Belly Dance".
In her workshops, Ida devotes significant attention to imparting background knowledge far off clichés. She seeks to reveal and enhance the individual skills of every single dancer.


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Patricia Zarnovican

Patricia is one of the Pioneers of Tribal Fusion in Germany; she has taught and performed in over 20 countrie, at some of the most prestigious dance festivals in the World, namely Tribal Umrah (Run by Djeynee and now Linda Melani) and Beata and Horacio Cifuentes's "Oriental Fantasy & Friends" around Europe and the USA, where she performed with her tribe Perlatentia. Patricia also performed one of Horacio Cifuentes' choreographies with Rachel Brice and Samantha Emanuel at the Oriental Festival in Berlin in 2012.

Some of her other impressive achievements are performing in the Chorus at the National Opera in her home town, Hannover, the opening ceremony of the European Games in Baku and performing together with "Ensemble Rakkas" from Nurnberg at a Royal Wedding in Abu Dhabi!

Patricia has been teaching Tribal and Tribal fusion since 2006; she is also a Tribal Style Instructor for Beata and Horcacio's Teacher Training Qualification (CATT), which she passed in 2011 and is therefore also qualified to teach Oriental Style Dance.

In 2016, she passed the FatChanceBellyDance ® General Skills and Teacher Training Qualification and Patrica is therefore an ATS ® (American Tribal Style ®) teacher.

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Elisa Saha

~ Experience, emotion and expression ~
Elisa dances because she seeks to invoke these three attributes in herself and the spectator.
Teaching Tribal Fusion and BlackSheep BellyDance in Germany and selected countries she is currently working with Deb Rubin's Dance Therapeutics I, Ashley Lopez' Integrated Dance I and Valenteena Ianni's Killer Dancer's Path Vol. I and II.

As well as learning from respected Tribal and Fusion dancers Elisa is always on the path of stilling her hunger for origins and studying with selected teachers of Egyptian and Indian dances.

Feel free to read and see more on Facebook and

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Coralie Adivassi

Coralie Adivassi discovered oriental dance after a varied sporting career in 2006 with Véronique Velasti.

She fell in love with Tribal fusion and inspired by Rachel Brice's skills and personality, decided to study this style because of the freedom of artistic expression in fusion; she decided to combine dancing with her first love - Indian/Eastern styles such as Odissi with Nathalie Pieltain), Bollywood (with Maya Sapera) or Japanese.

Now a Teacher, Coralie offers a series of courses in the Adivassi school, focusing on Indian fusion, sword dance and the format/style proposed by Rachel Brice.

Coralie continues her training with international artists and sharing loves sharing her experiences with different groups. (The Left Arm of Buddha, Dakinis ).

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Ita (alias Jasmin) began dancing when she was five years old and attended her first dance school in her home town Augsburg. Later, she studied classic ballet dance at the Munich state theatre for 3 years. She learned a variety of modern, funky and classic ballet moves and fused her repertoire with new influences and techniques like HipHop, Salsa and more. Now she found her way into Tribal Fusion Bellydance, she builds on her skills and knowledge and savours the rich possibilities of this dance style.

The fan dance we will learn, is choreographed by Ita (she brought the house down at last Year's Open Stage!!!); it is a modern variation of a traditional Chinese fan dance, combined with Tribal Fusion elements. The fan dance is used in celebrations and, particularly in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Ita's version is faster than the slower, traditional dance, adding modern movement for variety and to showcase the possibilities of dynamic stage use, whilst adding an element of surprise for the audience.

Although the dance seems simple, it requires a lot of practice in order to perform it well, but that's why we are here. Starting with small exercises, holding and moving the fans in different directions and exploring the possibilities. Later, we'll put together some moves into a whole choreography. The dance should express your inner conflict of life and the expectations one has for the future.

You can follow Ita on FB:

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Ana Winson

Ana Winson has been sewing since she was old enough to hold a needle; dancing for seven years, and making costumes ever since. Ana works as a 3D texture artist specialising on textiles and brings this experience into her costuming work. She approaches costuming from a structural point for stability and support, loves intricate detail, and has recently qualified as a FCBD® Sister Studio.

You can see some of the costume work -and her cats- on

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Bex is an Internationally recognised Dark Tribal Fusion performer and former BlackSheep Bellydance instructor from the UK who is known for her blend of creepy characterisation and strong Tribal Fusion technique. Her careful balance of personal musical interpretation and her instantly recognisable style has meant that she is known as quite a kooky personality! In March 2011 Bex was awarded first prize in the Miss Bellydance UK Fusion Soloist category. She has taught and performed to sell-out audiences worldwide.

Bex is the innovator of Horror-Psychobilly Belly Dance © - already having taught the style successfully in workshops within the UK, USA, South America and Europe. The style fuses her own preferences in the traditional Horror and the 1940s and 1950s Rockabilly aesthetic with Tribal Fusion movement and technique. Utilising her own personal style to create a visually spooky look with beautiful movement and creepy costuming.
Over the last two years Bex has evolved her style further to include elements from her degree in Fine Art and performance theatre to rave reviews. Chellenging the audience with poignant and personal messages, Bex's performances delve even darker, unearthing deep emotion and turmoil to the more extreme side of music and subculture.

Bex's work and belief in developing the student's sense of self and expression with individual movement through dance has lead to her becoming a sought after teacher in Dark Fusion Bellydance.

She thinks Halloween should be celebrated every day...... :)

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A life-long performer, Bridie has been belly dancing since 2003, and developed a love of Gothic and Tribal style belly dance after meeting Akasha at the first Tribal Ford event in 2005. The rest is history. As well as being one of the original founders of Gothla UK, one of her proudest achievements, she is also certified to teach Black Sheep Belly Dance to Level 3, and is working towards certification in Deb Rubin's Dance Therapeutics Level 1.

Her exploration into yoga was inspired by her studies in belly dance. The first yoga class she walked into was a Dru class, and the flowing nature of Dru Yoga fitted perfectly with her previous experiences in Tai Chi and dance. She trained to teach Dru Yoga to deepen her knowledge of the discipline. What she learned about the use of yoga to raise and manipulate energy resonated with her nearly 30 years of experience and practice as a Ritual Magician. She qualified in 2014, and went on to earn a Post Graduate Diploma in Dru Dance in 2016. In an attempt to integrate her yoga and magickal training, and to open up yoga to those turned off by tinkle hippy music and whale-song, she was inspired to create Yoga in Black. Following two sold-out sessions at the Supersonic festival in Birmingham last summer featuring live improvised music by cellist Rotten Bliss, she is overjoyed to be invited to teach it at Gothla UK this year.

In her other life, she is a professional costume maker, mother of one human, three cats and a Border collie but no dragons, is an ordained Gnostic Priestess and IX' OTO initiate, a terrible house-keeper and worse gardener.

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Sam Hough

Sam Hough is Artistic Director to Imajica Theatre, The Cancan Collective and Affinity Tribal and just loves all things performing Arts. From a young age she showed a love of the arts which lead to a degree in Performing Arts before taking time out to raise a family.

Dance has been a passion since a young age and after seeing a Rachel Brice performance back in 2004 she soon fell in love with the world of Tribal Belly. Leading to performing with tribe Affinity Tribal and enjoying studies in both Fusion and American Tribal Style Belly Dance, including props such as Fire, Sword and Skirt.

In 2014 Imajica Theatre Company was created to merge her love of the arts and her enjoyment of working with children. Imajica Theatre are bringing access to high quality musical theatre style performances into the community. Writing original small-scale productions with educational messages for the younger audience.
This latest collaboration which she brings to Gothla 2018 is a fusion of her dance and theatre with Steam Punk Scallywags, fusing Pirates from Imajica, tribal and Modern Cancan. A chance to merge character and dance and individuality, something she feels brings a performance alive on stage.

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Darkstar is the pioneer of Rock Star Belly Dance a unique blend of belly dance for bad girls showcasing sexy serpentine movement with the playfulness of traditional belly dance. Set to a host of rock and metal tracks this new breed of sassy belly dance culminates in bringing together this enigmatic, powerful dance style to celebrate a strong, confident female energy on stage. She has been teaching her signature style of Rock Star Belly Dance at the world famous Pineapple dance studios since 2014 and is currently working hard to develop The School of Rock Star Belly Dance in London and further afield. Darkstar hopes to make her school the training ground for any dancer interested in all forms of Alternative Bellydance. At present the School of Rock Star Belly Dance focuses on various levels of Tribal Fusion /Serpentine Bellydance, Prop Rock Fan Veils and covers all aspects of Rock Star Belly Dance in Gothic, Classic Rock and Metal.
With over ten years of professional dance experience she is one of the UK's most celebrated performers and choreographers of Gothic Belly Dance and is a pioneer of Metal Belly Dance in the UK. With a sexy and empowering rock chick vibe she loves to use robotics, tutting and fluid stylisations to create dynamic, engaging routines. Renowned for her creative choreography and musicality, she often creates theatrical and uplifting routines to showcase the creative side of her dance.
Having toured extensively since 2011 in Europe, Canada and throughout the east and west coast of America to teach and perform she has an extensive CV in all manor of events with particular touring highlights in New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto, Paris, Milan and more. Training intensively within Belly Dance, Tribal Fusion bellydance, Hip Hop and body Popping, she has studied with leading teachers in these fields on a mission to seek continued dance development. Aside from traveling all over the world her favourite training ground is Pineapple dance Studios where she attends regular weekly classes.
In 2013 as the Creative Director and Lead Choreographer she produced 'The Belly Dancer', a 3 night show as part of the Camden Fringe Festival, which went on to be a huge success selling out all 3 shows and winning rave reviews from critics in the heart of Camden Town London. Darkstar was then featured in the first ever Tribal Fusion UK DVD, a performance and instructional DVD showcasing 6 featured performers and leaders in their field.
In 2014 Darkstar secured the lead role as Aladdin for the theatrical dance show by performance mastery productions which went on to tour Oxford, Manchester and London. As Aladdin Darkstar showcased her strengths in street dance styles of popping and hip hop to create a cheeky cool Aladdin with a bucket load of swag.
Shortly after she then went on to join the LA based company Belly Dance Evolution who performed a sold out show at the Ford Theatre in the Holly Wood hills which was also featured on breakfast news channel KTLA receiving rave reviews and later presented in a DVD format.
Having worked with several international dance companies Darkstar then continued to further her own creative directorship along with the development of her dance school and in 2015 produced 'Phantasmagoria' An other worldly belly dance spectacular for Camden's Etcetera theatre which after sell out shows Darkstar and team were invited back by popular demand for another run.
Aside from travelling and teaching weekly classes she can often be found performing around the London club within the goth, rock and metal scene wowing audiences with exciting and inspiring shows with her advanced student at the School of Rock Star Belly Dance. These dancers are a dedicated group that have trained under her guidance for a number of years. Together they create powerful, serpentine show girl style routines to a host of rock n' roll tunes.
Darkstar currently teaches weekly classes and monthly workshops at Pineapple dance Studios, London's leader in all forms of dance. Find out more at or just come down and join in a class.

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Fulya has been a full time bellydance teacher since 2000 and has been a semi regular teacher at many UK Bellydance Festival such as Fantasia, JoY, Majma and Gothla. Before the dancing took over she did play guitar and sing in some dubious bands and is now finally getting some more time to play music again and has been directing / teaching a monthly Middle Eastern drumming group for the last 3 years and performing drum solo duets with Amira. She runs Kookie Kaftan with her sister Julie.

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Ian Southwood

Originally from Cornwall, now living on the chalk downs of Wiltshire with my partner Erica not far from Stonehenge.

I was fortunate enough to have classical start in my music training, as a leading choirboy and avid campanologist (bell ringing). And also, to have received training in classical Spanish guitar.

I became involved in belly dancing just over five years ago through my partner Erica, and after being lent my first Tabla at a Hafla with her, began (much to my neighbours disgust……. they moved!) to try to get some recognisable Arabic rhythms out of it.
Since then I've had tuition from a fair number of teachers, both UK based and from foreign shores.

My partner and I have performed at many events, not only belly dancing, but we're regulars at Tewksbury Medieval fair, as well as taking on private bookings. And we now have both started teaching.

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The Lady Charlotte

She was born to be a rock star!

Fortunately she became a belly dancer who enjoys teaching and believes belly dance should be inclusive; if she can do it - you can too. (sometimes by force of will!)

The Lady Charlotte is a Black Sheep Belly Dance level 1 instructor and fully qualified JWAAD teacher.
She has taught and performed nationally and internationally. Her talent is to encourage everyone with a smile, imagination, and fun explanations.

Over many years (more than 10, less than 20), Lady C has evolved her dance style by visiting as many teachers and workshops as possible. There is always something new to learn, and friends to be made. Whatever style of dance Charlotte does there is always a dark love at the heart of her performance; from choosing music, props, costume, make up and jewels, there is a hidden secret to be found!

You can contact Charlotte by email:

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Lianna Greene

Lianna Greene is an established teacher and Fusion Bellydancer based in East Sussex with 16 years experience...

She discovered belly dance at a local class offering Turkish and Iranian style where she quickly excelled and fuelled her need to learn by committing to continually expand and develop her dance.
She was then spotted by Hossam and Serena Ramzy at a dance festival and was instantly invited to audition to train with them. Lianna then became one of the first graduates from their Drumzy school of music and dance and for many years was also a principle dancer within the Ramzy Dance Company.

As a musician with a Diploma in Contemporary music and Grade VIII Classical Piano, it was no surprise that she also became a member of the Drummaqueens as Dohola player; performing as a resident Drummer at Club Baklava and even performing at the world renowned Drum Camp!!

However, Lianna always felt a draw towards Tribal Fusion and began to embrace this as she continued on her journey. In 2016 Lianna became a regular dancer with Team Darkstar performing in London Goth clubs and Rock bars.

Lianna began teaching 11 years ago and this has expanded dramatically over the past 2 years where she now runs intensives in Brighton and Eastbourne, 2 levels of Fusion Based Bellydance classes and a troupe, whilst also organising The Egyptian Nights theatre shows and local Haflas around East Sussex. She has regularly taught at SBTS (residential dance weekend) and will also be teaching at Movespiration in Germany in 2019 (a cross training weekend for dancers run by Award Winning BellyDancer of the World 2007 Khalida!)
Lianna utilises her musical background to assist in choreographies encompassing many dance styles that she continues to train in including Street Dance and Contemporary whilst still utilising her original training in Oriental. Lianna is well known locally in East Sussex for her unique contemporary Fusion Style, mentoring students of all levels including advanced Dancers, Troupe leaders and local teachers within her Dance School: Il Nana Bellydance.

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Nihoma has been bellydancing for 15 years, making jewellery for 12, and costuming for as long as she can remember. She discovered the art of chain maille six years ago, and quickly saw its application to dance costuming. Since then, her Metal Thistle creations have graced stages and haflas throughout the UK, and further afield.

Nihoma's first visit to Gothla in 2010 bridged the gap between her love of dance and her love of Metal (of the Heavy variety), and encouraged her to develop her dance into new and more expressive avenues. Gothla has been the highlight of her dance calendar ever since, so she is absolutely thrilled to be teaching a chain maille workshop this year.

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