For the last 14 years Carina Le ́Mer was a musician, playing as a multi-instrumentalist with her folk- rock-band Tir Nan Og and made three albums with them. She rocked many stages at festivals, not only as a musician, but also as a firedancer and -artist.

The last two years changed everything, so she quit making music and fell completely in love with dancing.

Meanwhile, Carina has become a principal dancer in Ida Mahin's dancing academy tanz kunst werk and a member of Ida's ensemble Ereshkigal.

The most fun on stage she has with props and their creative range. In her choreographies, her key aspects are playing with different moods, uncovering emotions, tansforming music into movement and bringing imageries to life.


Spread your wings

Use your wings – they need some excercise! Not knowing how to use your wings properly may lead to disaster.

Ask Ikarus!

Better safe than sorry, this workshop will give you the ultimate flying lessons: Become familiar with the basic aerodynamics, learn dazzling move patterns and create mesmerising combinations. You will be surprised how many expressive possibilities slumber in the feathers of these great theatrical tools. Let the feathers follow their destiny, spread your wings and fly away!

Open level, bring feather fan (or any fans) if possible.

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