Lottie Lucid


Lottie is passionate about hooping and first got into it 7 years ago after being inspired by a lady LED hooping in a London nightclub. It quickly became an instant hit combining playfulness and creativity with the challenge of improving co-ordination, balance, strength and timing. Lottie has seen many other benefits from this beautiful art form too, imparting these skills to others to share the love has become a full time job and Lottie has seen her confidence grow until she was ready to step on to the stage and take up performing.

Lottie has had the pleasure of learning with some of the worlds most reputable hoopers and enjoys attending workshops and intensives to further her skills. She has performed with some talented artists at various events and venues around the UK including Goodwood Races, O2, Pryzm, Cameo, Walkabout, Into The Wild, Gaunts House, FieldView Festival, Conscious Camp, Epidemik & Fusion.

Lottie's group Hoola Cru won the Day of Dance Awards for their freestyle performance last summer and have done choreographed shows for Rewind Festival and Highcliffe Castle.

Now exploring other props Lottie currently uses two Hyperion LED hoops & an LED levistick. Her collection of fire props now includes double fire hoops, fire mini hoop, fans, levistick and palms. Stiltwalking. Currently learning contact ball and training in aerial hoop.

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Hoopdance Flow

In this mixed level workshop Lottie will impart a selection of hoop techniques focusing mostly on the magic & illusion of the hoop and graceful flowing movements which all link together in a seamless way. One of the most challenging things when learning hoop is often the transitions between tricks so we will make sure you go away feeling more confident and there will be a chance to film it for your reference.

Hooping tricks tend to fit in different categories, for example, rolls, folds, wraps, spins, jumps and isolations (illusion style tricks). In the Hoopdance Flow workshop we will cover a variety of magical moves that look great as a stand alone hoop performance but will also perfectly complement your bellydance. We will put them together to music so you already have a sequence that you can use to mesmerise your audience and put on a powerful show. It is my hope to inspire you to create more of your own and to realise the versatility of the hoop, fusing it with your own style!

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