Workshop Descriptions

Ariellah 10 hour intensive

Friday 5 hours
Saturday 2.5 hours
Sunday 2.5 hours
Compelling Choreography Composition Creation: The Elements

Choreography composition will be discussed and explored in depth; delving deep into what makes a choreography more dynamic, rich, strong and interesting. Each "element" shall be explored in detail and put into action.
What is BEHIND our movement?
Compelling, charismatic, progressive, powerful, magnetic, influential and effective! Ariellah hopes to give the dancer the tools to create his or her own dynamic choreography on their own, leading the dancer to a higher, more engaging performance quality. Performance skills, performance quality, dynamics, authenticity, technique, breath work, mind body awareness, and more, will be included and explored in this 10 hour intensive.

Thursday 18th July

11:00am - 3:00pm Valenteena - Killer Dancer's Path


The .:: KILLER Dancer’s PATH™ ::. is a program developed by Valenteena Ianni in 2015 structured in 4 Killer Immersions of different levels.
It’s a tribal fusion training offered to dancers of every level who look for technical and creative tools to grow and to teachers who are looking for an alternative and clear teaching method. During this workshop we will do an in-depth review of the foundation of this art form, starting from all the fundamental shapes and movements, sharp and smooth. Everything will be well broken down and explained with the help of notes, diagrams, routines and training combinations.


Friday 19th July

12:00pm - 5:00pm Ariellah - Intensive - See above

2:00pm - 5:00pm Ida - The beautiful People

Marilyn Manson's shock rock classic inspired Ida to create a smashing choreography full of fashionable power-moves and grotesque dynamics.
Every dancer may wear a mask of your choice, as long as it represents your very own hellish beauty! The choreography will be staged in the Friday (dope) show or the open stage. Forget about common norms and beauty standards. Weird, funny, scary – let’s be OUR beautiful!


2:00pm - 5:00pm Morgana - Silver for Monsters - Masterclass

The Witcher's code roughly categorizes monsters as creatures of no sentience who are deemed a threat to human society. But not all monsters and creatures have a harmful intention, some simply are different beings like these we will study in our master class:

Bruxae are rare creatures. Most live far from population centers, for they care greatly for their own safety and make their lairs in places where they cannot be taken by surprise. Their close ties to birds, their piercing voices and the breathtaking speed of their movements. Bruxae are far swifter and stronger than men, but their greatest asset is their ability to turn invisible.

Unlike other monsters, succubi feel no desire to kill, do not crave human blood and usually do not, in fact, mean any harm at all. They are motivated by one thing and one thing only: an insatiable lust.

"Out at sea, if you hear a beautiful woman singing, turn the ship around at once. Even if it means sailing straight back into a storm.”
Like skilled hunters, sirens and lamias lure men near - using their own bodies as decoys. They can transform to resemble beautiful human maidens, though with tails covered in silver scales instead of legs, charming with their smooth and fluid movements of torso and arms

Gargoyles are stone statues brought to life by magic in order to guard sacred places. Heavy, strong and slow but lethal

Werewolves are creatures with both men/woman and wolves inside them. When in beastly form, they take the worst traits from each: the wolf's drive to kill and hunger for raw flesh and the man's cruel and calculating intelligence. A werewolf's condition comes about through a curse, and the transformations happen outside his conscious control. When he reverts to human form, he has no memory of his deeds — otherwise he would surely go mad and take his own life.


12:00pm - 5:00pm Valenteena - Choreography (5th Dimension)

This piece will be an extract of Valenteena's year choreography project “The Fifth Dimension” presented in Rome in May 2018, with a second edition scheduled in September 2019, performed by Karma Experiment, Valenteena's International Crew of dancers. The choreography will reflect Valenteena's personal fusion style with a dark and creepy accent. Do you want to enter the Fifth Dimension with us or do you want to remain with the blind humans? There's a war that is going on between the Shadow and the Light, but this time it seems there won't be a traditional happy ending...


Saturday 20th July

9:00am - 10:00am HRH Lucretia - Zombastein

Born out of HRH Lucretia's love for Rammstein and acute dislike for Zumba, she created "Zombastein". This fun class will be a funky "follow along" style class to the tunes of Rrrrrrammstein!
Learn some new funky moves/combos in a friendly environment and strut your stuff with Christine in the Open Stage.... enter if you dare!

10:00am - 12:00pm Guy Schalom - Quantum Leap

Drummers and percussionists of improver level and above: prepare to "quantum leap" your drumming and elevate your musicianship to a whole new level.
Improve your timing, tone, technique, and creativity and repertoire of both classic Arabic Rhythms and compound pan-Asian and Sufi rhythmic cycles.

Improver and above

10:00am - 1:00pm Dud - Vamp Noir - Dark Burlesque Fusion Masterclass

Step into character as the all-time femme fatale of the silver screen, be it either with the mystique of Theda Bara or the lethal sexiness of Marlene Dietrich, we have got you covered here. Inspired by the film noir-genre we will look at the "elements" that make up a legendary femme fatale - or VAMP and pick out the dark attitude we like best. Focusing on the expressions and drama of your chosen character we will find the movement quality that goes with the attitude and translate this into our dancing.
Drama drills, expressional work and dark burlesque fusion combos is on the plate for this workshop - and then we go eat'em up!


10:15am - 12:15pm Crystal Moon - Crystal Runes

Connecting to the ancient ways with a modern touch and sparkle Runes are one of the oldest writings and functional symbolism for magic of humankind.
Exploring your chosen runes (you will be able to choose from a variety of runes two months prior to Gothla 2019) we will hear about the origin, function and meaning of Germanic and Slavic runes.
Taking the vision of your rune we then will guide you to craft your chosen costume or arm accessory set by creating sparkly crystal runes to adorn and complete your look.
Invite magic into your life!

Note: Material cost - I cannot say how much this will be per set but I think about 15€ should be doable.


10:15am - 12:15pm Lisa Müller-Albrecht - Rhythms & Moves

Ever wondered if dancing with zills is fun? Bring your zills and let’s give it a try!
This workshop is an introduction into finger cymbal technique and simple and more advanced zill patterns. Every pattern will be explained step by step. We’ll explore some Folkloric Fusion dance drills and combine them with our zill patterns.
You’ll take home a nice folkloric flavored Fusion combo with finger cymbals with optional variations for zill beginners and advanced zillers.

Level: Intermediated / Advanced

10:15am - 12:15pm Rachael Redfern - Dark Vintage Fusion

Learn to channel the poise and deathly allure of the vamp vixens of yesteryear for a dark and dramatic expression of fusion bellydance that will ensnare your audience.
Taking inspiration from the likes of original vamp Theda Bara and silent screen sirens of the 1920s, this workshop will fuse their dark aesthetic with classic fusion bellydance technique for a captivating mix that makes up Rachael's signature style. We will look at presentation and projection as well as beautiful postcard poses and clean lines combined with strong fusion bellydance technique.
All this will be put together in a dark vintage flavoured dance you can take away with you and use or adapt to express your own inner vamp!


10:15am - 12:15pm Valenteena - Killer Dancer's Path


This is the workshop for the ones obsessed with arms fluidity and variations. Now that we can manage all the fundamental shapes on hips and chest, Valenteena will share with you her personal routines she uses in order to keep the arms strong, soft and fluid and always present in her dance. You will face a non stop drilling session focused on hips/chest and arms, learning new fun combos you may want to add to your personal daily training.


1:00pm - 3:30pm Ariellah - Intensive (see above)

1:00pm - 3:00pm Doe Demure - Fusion Isis Wings

We saw Doe's vampy Isis wings solo in the Gothla 2018 theatre show, in this workshop you will transform into the countess of your own castle!
Master Isis wing technique and using the wings to frame and highlight sultry isolations. In this workshop you will learn a dark Isis wings choreography moving into an enticing gothic fusion routine.

Bring a pair of Isis wings.


1:30pm - 3:30pm Ida - Gespenstertheater

Who you gonna call, if you wanna dance like a ghost?
Ida and Maxx will summon your inner spirits and stage them as gespenster, poltergeister or any other spukgestalten you can dream of. Theoretically, we will introduce you to various ghostly figures of german folklore. Practically, we will discover movement techniques in order to create the impression of a weightless, ethereal apparition. We will open the (stage) door to the other side, paranormal activities and seemingly supernatural powers. Prepare for a concluding experiment with special props.
With a little luck, you might leave with the glow of ectoplasma. ;)

If possible, please bring a long skirt.


1:30pm - 3:30pm Linda - Nothing But Slow

Black Sheep concept slow vocabulary for a new way of improv
This workshop introduce you in the world of BlackSheep's Slow movements. Suitable for all levels we'll start with taxeem and we grow with the most famous combos that you can insert in your coreo. Come to discover how to glow with the elegance of slow movements and fun with your mate.

Level: Open

1:30pm - 3:30pm Nia Lacey - Flow

This workshop will delve into the art of unstructured improvisation.
Using exercises and techniques to build improvisational skills that can be used in practise and on stage. We will delve into tapping in to the emotions experienced in the movement and the music, connecting both of these as a soloist, and in small groups, creating a safe space to explore this. Within the safe space we will also work on building confidence in performing and integrating improvisation into your current performance structure.
For those who have never improvised before, there will be some combo building blocks supplied to aide you through the workshop. This workshop is open to all levels and all styles of dance.

Level: Open

1:30pm - 3:30pm Nihoma - Scale Flowers

OK folks, this is not a drill! It's time!
This year, we're going to make Scale Flowers. Your very own brooch, hair decoration, or maybe a necklace: a Pretty Flower, only Metal, because this is Gothla.
Now, scale flowers are a bit tricky, so if you need glasses, bring them along. But we'll break it down stage by stage, so you should have at least one flower to take home with you - there will be a choice of findings available so you can decide how you want to wear it.
We'll be using aluminium, which has a very low allergy risk, and is fairly easy to work with.

All tools and materials will be provided, but if you have your own favourite pliers, feel free to bring them along.

Level: Open

3:30pm - 5:30pm Guy & Lisa - Rhythm Flow

Open to both dancers and drummers, this truly interactive workshop is where YOU create a piece of performance art in collaboration with Guy Schalom and Lisa Müller-Albrect - ready to perform it live on the open stage at Gothla 2019!


4:00pm - 6:00pm Carina - Stage Hair

Bad hair day? No problem with the most useful tips professional coiffeur Carina will give you in this practical workshop.
You will learn how to create the sound basis for absolutely every kind of hairstyle on stage. Carina will introduce you to helpful tools and must-haves, the appropriate use of needles and pins as well as several ways to put on and attach fake hair, extensions and wigs.
Dreams come true when even short hair can transform into fancy updos and dream lengths.
Last but not least, Carina will offer a variety of tips and tricks for trouble shooting (What to do, if...?).
To the combs, set, go!


4:00pm - 6:00pm Darkstar - Prop Rock! Fan Veils

Join me and lets rock that prop through the art of fan veils!
This beautiful prop is a joy to dance with, floating through the air it is an extension of both dance and spirit.
Learning to use fan veils can give you that extra dimension to your dance expression and is a great way to create a whole new act for your dance repertoire. Mastering fan veils can be a truly expressive way to add a light, delicate or a sensual quality to your dance while in contrast the fan can be worked to create a strong, powerful, fierce or even flirty characteristic within your dance routines. Fan veils are a great way to work out the arms and core of the body as well as gaining greater flexibility and flow through your dance. In this workshop I will explain all the tips and tricks for handling your fan veils followed by a series of intensive drills using both open and closed fan techniques. Once we have developed our understanding of the fan veil and the way in which it works we will then learn a short choreography to demonstrate how we successfully intergrade the fan veil within our dance routine to develop our dance skills and self expression with this beautiful prop as an extension of both dance and costuming.

No previous fan veil experience necessary however you will need a pair of fan veils (right and left hand)


4:00pm - 6:00pm Fulya - What's Going On?

Why do your moves look different or the same as other dancers? What needs work to look and feel better? Do you find some moves impossible?
This workshop will help address various ways for your brain and body to become unstuck. This workshop will focus solely on belly dance technique, conditioning exercises and posture work. If you feel you can't get a handle on a move it might be because of muscle imbalance or weakness, inhibition because of an old injury, poor posture or some other body / brain blockage.
This workshop has a strong sport science basis but we may veer into the esoteric!

Please bring a yoga mat, 3 paper back books of different thickness and a small towel. You may also like to bring a note book.


4:00pm - 6:00pm Morgana - The Lodge of Sorceresses

The Lodge of Sorceresses is a secret organisation and sisterhood composed entirely by magical women who govern areas of magic and alchemy, as well as the control of elements, time and space. This is a soloist, pairs, trios and group witchery choreographic dance workshop
Do you want to join the coven?


4:00pm - 6:00pm Valenteena - Killer Dancer's Path


The last part of the Killer Path Exposure will cover many soft and sinuous movements and different kind of undulations through arms, body and space. Then Valenteena will give you tools for managing some different kind of turns you may want to use as surprise effect during your performance, before practice everything in a new mesmerising combination.


Sunday 21st July

9:00am - 11:00am Bridie - Yoga in Black

The Dark: it's so bright it'll blind you. Near Dark

Yoga in Black seeks to combine the movement and flow of Dru Yoga with imagery drawn from the Western Mystery Traditions, all to a soundtrack of Drone, Dark Ambient and Doom Metal.

I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. Al II v.6

Dru Yoga focuses heavily on the integration of the 5 Koshas: Annamaya kosha, the physical layer, our physical bodies and our movement; Pranamaya kosha, the energetic layer, fueled by the breath; Manomaya kosha, the emotional layer, accessed through visualisation; Vijnamaya kosha, the intellectual layer, that can be inspired through positive affirmations and thoughts, and the Anandamaya kosha, the Bliss layer, where it all comes together. The name 'Dru' comes from the word 'Dhruva', the Sanskrit name for the North Star, the fixed point around which everything turns. In Dru Yoga we are attempting to access that still point, the 'Dhruvakasha', within us where we can find peace and tranquility whilst life moves on around us.

In the sphere I am everywhere the centre, as she, the circumference, is nowhere found. Al II v.3

In this workshop, we will attempt to tap into all 5 Koshas through the use of movement, breath, visualisation and affirmation to prepare and inspire body and mind for a full weekend of learning, dancing, sweating, shopping and partying. We will begin with some gentle activations to get the blood flowing and raise the energy levels, then go through an Energy Block Release sequence to move stuck energies within the body, before going into more specific sequences and asanas designed to free up the joints and limber up, and finally integrating it all with a deep relaxation. Any experience and ability can be catered for, from total beginners to Ashtanga masters. Open to dancers and non-dancers alike.

My adepts stand upright; their head above the heavens, their feet below the hells. Tzaddi v.40

Please bring a yoga mat and strap or scarf if you have one (I will have a few to lend out), a blanket, a bottle of water, and an open heart and mind.

Level: Open

10:30am - 1:00pm Ariellah


11:00am - 1:00pm Robyn - Find Your Truth

Learn what is true for you in your dance right here, right now and prepare for what is your truth today to be different from tomorrow's. In this workshop we'll be looking at how we can utilise movement methodologies to unlock creative pathways for our bodies and minds. Allowing ourselves to explore the different possibilities that are available to us as our current selves. The principles and techniques we'll be using can be applied to choreography or improv.
This workshop is suitable for dancers of all levels of experience, mobility and stylisation.


11:00am - 1:00pm Morgana - Steel For Humans

This is training introduction to sword combat and dance. It is not necessary to use a real sword, it is better to start with a stick as long as the arm itself to practice without danger. In this workshop we will learn several skills: Fast attack, strong attack, defense, muscle memory, strength training, precise blows, counterattack, whirls and deadly precision. But remember: practice makes a master.


11:00am - 1:00pm Linda - Nothing But Fast

Discover new combos and old fashion moves from BlackSheep International Linda Luna Melani. We practice basic movements and spins in order to put everything together and learn new fun movements.

Zillar are not mandatory, but desired.


11:00am - 1:00pm Heike - History of Tribal Fusion


11:00am - 1:00pm Ida & Carina - Elect the Dead - Choreography

"Elect the Dead" - a deeply emotional song by mastermind Serj Tankian. Ida and Carina created a choreography bearing in mind that less motion rate per minute can boost a performance's impact and expressiveness vastly. We take our time to revel in fluidity, posture and the counter play of tension and easing. By initiating movement from your core, you are able to push boundaries, to fill every possible dimension and to communicate authentic, intimate feelings from your innermost depths even to the last row.
The concept of this workshop is partnering/a duo choreography, but we will also offer variations for solo performances.


2:00pm - 4:00pm Samantha Valentine - Datura Technique : Side Study

Come and delve into some fundamentals using the dynamic Datura Technique™ with certified Datura Style™ teacher, Samantha Valentine. In this two hour workshop, we will focus on Datura Style™ fundamental arm and foot positions and lateral isolations and combos, using the Datura Technique™ Side Study as our trusty training companion, as well as a couple of gooey Datura Style™ steps to really whet your appetite.

Please bring water and a mind ready for learning some new training tools!


2:00pm - 4:00pm Valenteena - Fusion Improv Tribal Style

Let's have fun together during this last day of Gothla 2019! A lot of team work, laughs and sweating will wait for you: fast ITS vocabulary with some fusion highlights 🙂
Here we go Gothla Crew!


2:00pm - 4:00pm Darkstar - Season of The Witch

Dance into the heart of the dark and delicious world of Gothic Belly Dance. Experience the frenzy of the witch, create magic in movement and channel your deity. Autumn is upon us, the air is crisp, the leaves now fall and the veil begins to thin as we become more in tune with our physical bodies, its capabilities and possibilities in which we may direct it. Dispel the constraints of the mind, focus your intention, allow me to be your guide, passing down my knowledge of dance technique and stage presence. Open up the mind, wake up the body with practise drills to hone your craft. Build muscle memory, work up a sweat, release the physical possibilities of both body and mind to experience the power of the witch through dance. Pluck the apple, worship the snake, evoke sinuous serpentine movement with the grace, power and precision of the divine feminine. Journey into the spell binding world of Gothic Belly Dance with me to create for a moment together our eclectic coven celebrating the creepy, beautiful, sensual, hypnotic and powerful art of dark belly dancing. This gothic belly dance class will end with a short sexy, cool and unique choreography for your own dance magical workings.
Join us! dance your witch craft!.. and pound me the witch drums, the witch drums!


2:00pm - 4:00pm Ana - Enjoy the Silence

"Enjoy the Silence: an exploration on musicality and dance, through music theory" Open level Train your brain as well as your body!
In this two-hour workshop we will explore the bare-bones of Western music theory, building blocks, and how to understand the dynamics of music. We will explore how this applies to dance and movement. After a short warm up, we will then work on combos to two very different versions of the same song, as practical examples of how the principles apply. Better understanding of musicality can help improve your dancing, whether you do choreography or improvisation.

There will be a hand out, but please bring a notebook and pen or pencil for your own notes.


2:00pm - 4:00pm Dud - Hootchi-Kootchi Girls

Come to the dark side of the carnivale! Vamp yourself up with this crazy vintage cabaret infused tribal fusion style - and come meet the Hootchi-Kootchi girls!
Dud has the circus in her blood, drawing from her background in musical theater she teaches this workshop with a mix of jazz dance, Charleston-basics, vintage Burlesque / Cabaret routines + Tribal fusion style techniques. And we are also going to play around with a bit of chorus-girls group formations because it is so much fun!
This is dark grotesque circus, not for the faint at heart!

Please wear dance pants or a SHORT skirt !

Beginners / Improvers

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